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Why Mineral Water Business

Now it is fact and every individual is well aware with the fact that tap water is not drinkable and have lots of contaminants in it. Every common human being is very concern about drink clean and contaminants free water to maintain good health. So there is huge potential of RO plant business which can be start with very low cost and you can have big profit margins.

Water Treatment Lab® (WTL) helps you to establish your own business with low investment to run your family and adopt new life style. We not only provide technical assistance but also provide free of cost consultation to start our clients with new business.  We provide complete business plan and help to establish business from planning to execution.

We have long list of clients which have their own setups now and running successfully.

WTC provides best RO Plant Price and best Water Filter Price for our clients.

Now you are retired from your service, you student or want to switch Job to business at any stage of your professional career you can start Mineral Water Business at very reasonable price of Water Mineral Plant  with collaboration of Water Treatment Lab® (WTL)Water Treatment Lab® (WTL) offers the state of the art “Mineral Water Plant” to start your own business at best RO plant price with best in class accessories.

Coke and Pepsi is the biggest competitor of Mineral Water. Water is need of every living individual and very rightly said water is the biggest market exists on this planet. Because every individual drinks 5 liter water in day to survive.  Now there is huge awareness of drink clean water because contaminated or tap water can cause disease.  So bottle water is need of every individual regardless He or She belongs to the Middle or Lower Middle class.

Mineral Water Plant is proposed to be located in any densely populated city such as Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Multan, Faisalabad, Quetta or any other city. These cities presents an opportunity for establishment of Mineral Water Plant due to high population, less availability of clean drinking water in majority of areas and awareness of hygiene with respect to drinking water. This business can also be undertaken in all small 2nd tier towns, in addition to suburban towns of large cities.

Target Audience

Target market for mineral water consist of general public, households, marriage halls, hotels, public places, Schools, Offices, Commercial Markets, hostels.

How Reverse Osmosis (RO) Mineral Plant Works

Water Treatment Lab® (WTL) offer best in class Water Mineral Plant at best RO plant price with state of the art accessories.

1 – Mineral Water Plant Feed Pump:
It’s a Stainless steel imported feed pump, takes the water from raw water tank and compel it into the Mineral Water Plant.

2 – Sand Filter:
Consists of a FRP vessel with multimedia layers of gravel, quartz & silica sand, removes physical particles like dust, rust, slit, floats and other impurities up to 20 microns particle size.

3 – Activated Carbon Filter:
Consists of a FRP vessel with granular activated carbon media which removes organic impurities like chlorine, chlorides, pesticides, peculiar smell, color or any other chemical present in the water.

4 – Cartridge Assembly:
Cartridge assembly includes 5 and 1 micron filters to removes the further particles up to 5 and 1 micron size particles for further purification. It contains polypropylene fiber (PPF) and polypropylene yarn (PPY) cartridges to blocks sediments present in the water.

5 – Dosing Pump for Biocide:
An online dosing pump dose a specific amount of antibacterial chemical to remove the microbiological impurities like viruses and bacteria from water like Pseudomonas, Influenza, E.Coli, Coliforms and etc from water and make it sure that water is free from all types of bacteria.

6 – Dosing Pump for Anti-Scale:
An online dosing pump dose a specific amount of anti-scale chemical to prevent RO membrane from scaling. It increases the life of RO membrane and reduces the maintenance cost.

7 – Mineral Water Plant High Pressure Pump:
The purpose of high pressure pump made of stainless steel (imported) in a Mineral Water Plant is to build pressure and inject the pretreated water in to the Reverse Osmosis membrane as it’s a pressure driven process, 150 to 200 psi pressure exerted though high pressure pump on the water to pass it through RO membrane.

8 – Mineral Water Plant Membrane:
RO is a technique that has been used for water purification since decades, Reverse Osmosis (RO) a varied array of solicitation, particularly when salt, ionic compositions & dissolved solids are needed to be removed from water.
The RO membrane removes dissolved salts, Lead, Mercury, Calcium, Iron, Asbestos, Cysts, Heavy Metals and etc. and brings the TDS of water less than 20 ppm.

9 – Mineral Water Plant Membrane Housing:
Mineral Water Plant membrane is enclosed in ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) approved housing, having two types of connection, one inlet and two outlet points, one inlet point is to inject raw water into membrane and in other two outlet points one is for permeate (purified water) and other for drain (waste water). The membrane housing is specially designed to bear high pressure ranging from 150 psi to 1000 psi.

10 – Mineral Water Plant High Pressure Concentrate Valve: High pressure concentrate valves are commonly used as system pressure control valves in Mineral Water Plant. Globe valves use a movable disk plug to gradually open or close the water stream, allowing for precise regulation of flow. It is made of stainless steel, food grade material to control and keep a balance between permeate (purified water) and the drain (waste water).

11 – Mineral Dosing System:
The RO membrane removes all the salts and minerals present in the water, then these minerals are being added in the water though mineral dosing system. Italian made dosing pumps are being used for this purpose; these are specialized pumps which dose a specific amount of minerals into the purified water to enrich the water with necessary minerals.
12 – Online TDS Meter:
Before understanding the TDS meter in Mineral Water Plant, we should know what is TDS? Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is the sum of total charged ions present in the water including salts, minerals and metals. The measuring unit of TDS is milligram per Liter (mg / L) or parts per million (ppm). The TDS meter is a digital device that measures the TDS levels of water in Mineral Water Plant. Online TDS meter has been installed “on-line” at Mineral Water Plant control panel which measures the TDS of the water passing through the line that is why it is called “Online TDS Meter”. The TDS meter has ability to check the TDS from 0 to 10,000 ppm.

13 – Online Flow Meters:
Two flow meter has been installed on a Mineral Water Plant, one is to measure the permeate flow of Mineral Water Plant, permeate is the output purified water of Mineral Water Plant and second one is to measure the flow rate of waste water, the water which has been rejected from the membrane. The measuring unit of this flow meter is GPM (Gallons per Minute) and/or LPH (Liters per Hour).

14 – Electric Control Panel:
The Mineral Water Plant Control Panel is to control the entire system’s working, Mineral Water Plant containing electrical components such as magnet connector, overload breaker, power relay, timer, LED, digital meters, on/off switch.

15 – Monitoring Panel:
The Mineral Water Plant Monitoring Panel is to monitor the performance parameters of Mineral Water Plant like flow rates, permeate TDS, line pressure of feed and product water. Monitoring Panel indicates live results of Mineral Water Plant performance.

16 – Storage Tank:
The final output of Mineral Water is being stored in mineral water storage tank.

17 – Ozone Generator:
Ozone Generator is a machine that produces the ozone gas and diffused it in to the purified water in storage tank. The benefit of ozone gas is that it increases the expiry of the water up to one year.

18 – Bottle Washing & Filling Station:
The last step of the system is to fill the mineral water in to the bottles, for that purpose a stainless steel washing and filling station has been used, with the option of washing and filling of 500ml, 1500ml, 6 Liters & 19 Liters.


  • Become owner of your own business with less investment
  • Huge profit margins
  • Establish your own brand
  • Achieve business man lifestyle

FAQs about Mineral Water Plant Business

Q: How Water Treatment Lab® (WTL) can Help me to start my Water Mineral Business?

A: We at Water Treatment Lab® (WTL) provide free of cost consultation, right from the planning to execution of your business. Which help you to start your own new business and can change your lifestyle by earning high profits.

Q: How I Can Promote my Mineral Water Business?

A:       Personalize your water bottles for select customers. …

Give the promotional water bottles away at charity runs. …

Give the bottles out as limited freebies. …

Give the bottles to the local sports team. …

Use the water bottles as social media giveaways.

Q: Is selling Water is good business?

A: Providing safe drinking water at a low cost can also be a business model that is very profitable. One of the key factors is to sell the water at a low cost and make money on the volume.