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Ultra Filtration Plant

Ultrafiltration Water purifier System is right made for those Rural & Urban areas having water of low TDS but have bacterial contamination and turbidity. It is low cost Water system which is easy to install and remove bacteria and viruses from water.

Due to alarming increase in population and rapid industrialization drinking water quality is being deteriorated day by day in Pakistan. Neat and clean drinkable water has been become great challenge in both rural and urban areas. Therefore the scope of Water Filtration Plant at best filtration plant price is very high as the quality of bore and pipe line water is very miserable. According to WHO and Pakistan Quality Standard reports the underground water quality of major cities of Pakistan is highly contaminated and polluted with high concentration of Arsenic present in Water and other contaminations present in water.

So the either you are travelling or have any function or at home the UF water bottle is your requirement regardless you belongs to upper or middle class.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant


It consist of following stages

Feed Pump:  It’s a stainless Steel (SS) imported feed pump, takes water from raw water tank and compel it into the System.

Multimedia Filters:  It consist of a FRP vessel with multimedia layers of gravel, quartz,& silica sand removes physical particles like dust, rust, slits, floats and other impurities up to 20 microns particles size.

Activated Carbon Filters: It consist of FRP vessel with granular activated carbon media which removes organic impurities like chlorine, pesticides, peculiar smell, color or any other chemical present in water.

Cartridge Assembly: Cartridge assembly includes 5 micron filter to remove the further particles up to 5 micron size. It contains Polypropylene fiber (PPF) cartridge to blocks sediments present in water.

Cartridge Assembly 2:  Includes 1 microns filter to remove the further particles up to 1 micron size. It contains Polypropylene yarn (PPY) cartridge to block sediments present in water. 

Reverse Osmosis Skid: A Stainless Steel skid provided to mount the RO equipment on it which is design according to individualize customer need.

Ultrafiltration Membrane:  A water purification technology that uses partially permeable membrane/filters to remove ions, molecules and larger particles from water. The result is that the impure water retained on pressurized side of Ultrafiltration membrane and only the pure water is allowed to pass to the other side in product Water Tank.

  • Pressure Gauges: Imported pressure gauges provided with the system to measure 150psi pressure of product and waste water.

Electronic Control Panel: In Reverse Osmosis (RO) system installed state of the art Control Panel to control the whole system working. Control Panel contain electrical components such as magnet connector, overload breaker, power relay, timer, LED, digital meters, on/off switches.

uPVC fitting and Piping: All piping & fitting made of imported food grad uPVC material according to  health standards of WHO.

Storage Tanks: Two storage tanks provided with the system of 300 gallons storage tanks of food grade for raw and purified water.


  • Low budget business to start
  • Provide high output
  • Long lasting life of the system
  • Huge potential

FAQs about Ultrafiltration (UF) plant

Q: What is the function of Ultra Filtration (UF) plant?
A: Ultrafiltration is an effective means of reducing the silt density index of water and removing particulates that can foul reverse osmosis membranes. Ultrafiltration is frequently used to pretreat surface water, seawater and biologically treated municipal water upstream of the reverse osmosis unit
Q: What are the applications of Ultra Filtration (UF) plants?
A: Ultrafiltration water treatments widely used in various fields, such as ultrapure water preparation in the electronics industry, electrophoretic paint recycling, beverage and juice production, food industry water, pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, and wastewater treatment and recycling
Q: What are the disadvantages of Ultra Filtration (UF) Plant?
A: UF cannot separate dissolved salts or low MW species. It cannot be used to desalt water. UF membranes not commonly used to fractionate macromolecular mixtures.
Q: What is scope of Ultra filtration (UF) system?
A: Ultra Filtration (UF) plants are very cost effective and efficacious where the TDS of raw water is less than 500.