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Rental of Reverse Osmosis Systems

The rental of reverse osmosis systems (Water Treatment Lab) is a set of components used to perform the most varied filtering services, from low-intensity to high-intensity filtration. One of the unit’s main functions is to replace or complement industrial chemical treatments.

The company offers reverse osmosis system rental services (WTL) for industries that need to remove salt from seawater, produce pure water and different solvents made from organic matter.

Are you interested in the service?

We offer reverse osmosis systems rental for companies that need to perform the following applications. Note that they are the most diverse:

  • Disinfect the water after removing the chlorine with an activated carbon filter.
  • Eliminate chlorine and ozone, which are ideal for complementing Water Treatment Stations.
  • Reduce or eliminate the amount of organic matter, among others.

The rental of reverse osmosis systems is very useful for demineralizing waters with a high concentration of salts, such as wells, which have more salts than rivers and less than the seas. If the need for some of the services mentioned is for short-term demand, renting reverse osmosis systems is undoubtedly the most recommended.

System applications

The rental of reverse osmosis systems (WTL) is for industries that need quality and efficiency without spending a lot. You can get high-tech, very versatile, and cost-effective equipment by hiring us. The flexibility of application of the components results in the treatment of the following products and industries:

  • Drinking water for hydration, food preparation, and beverage production;
  • For the metallic covering of objects;
  • Machining processes;
  • Oil and chemical industry
  • Reuse water treatment;
  • Metallurgical and steel mills;
  • And another great variety!

Our company allows the rental of reverse osmosis systems with all the appropriate equipment for each application. Also, it gives the customer the possibility to customize the system according to the needs of their segment or industrial activity.

After installation, our technical support team performs performance tests and guarantees low maintenance costs. We work only with the highest quality products and make every effort to exceed our customers’ initial expectations. We always aim at the total satisfaction of those who trust our services.

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