Water Treatment Lab

Filtration Plant for Swimming Pool

We provide complete line of swimming pool systems, at best price in Pakistan. The purpose of a Swimming Pool filter is to remove dust, rust, pathogens present in water so that it may remain clean and clear during swimming.

A properly maintained pool is one that is visually and biologically clean. If the chlorine and PH levels maintained, the bacteria and algae will be killed and pool will be biological clean and safe for the swimmers.

Installation of good filtration system on swimming pool is cutting edge over competitors and you can get more customers.

Water Treatment Lab (WTL) is prominent manufacturer of swimming pool filtration plant in Pakistan offers best price. Pool water carrying particulate matter, solids and debris is passing through the filtering material that allows the clear water to return in the pool.

Water treatment Lab (WTL) will be more than happy to contribute for the hygiene of your pool and attract the customers at the best affordable price for life long equipment.

Filteration Plant for Swimming Pool