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Domestic RO System & Semi Commercial RO systems

Domestic Reverse Osmosis system is home water purifier machine fulfill the need of whole home. Reverse osmosis (RO) is water treatment process that removes containments from water by using high pressure to force water molecules through a semipermeable membrane the containments are filtered out and flush away, leaving clean and palatable water to drink, cook, washing and daily use at home by using best Water Filters.

RO water is one of the most popular and cost-effective water filtration methods available. Water Treatment Lab® offers the best RO price for domestic RO and best RO membrane price as compare to competitors working around the country. T

We use the best RO water filters at best RO price which work automatically around the clock as per requirement of your home.

To install Semi commercial RO Plant can be unique feature of your business and cutting edge over your competitors Ro system for Schools, Water treatment system,   Ro Systems for beauty parlor, Ro Systems for saloon etc. at best RO price offer by Water Treatment Lab® (WTL).  


RO System features and Working

RO system with best RO price and best water filters consist of 8 stages of purification

  • Stage-1 Pre-Filtration (Polypropylene Fiber Cartridge) Removes dust, Rust & Suspended Particles
  • Stage-2 purification (Activated Carbon Cartridge) removes organic impurities like odor, color & Chlorine facts
  • Stage-3 Purification (Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge) Removes organic impurities like odor, color & Chlorine facts
  • Stage-4 Booster Pump picks the water from Pre-Filtration and inject into RO membrane with high pressure which brings the TDS of water under 100
  • Stage-5 Membrane removes suspended particles, pathogens, heavy metals, dissolved solids, bacteria and keep only pure water with oxygen through
  • Stage-6 Post activated salts , absorbed the peculiar smell comes from pressure tank to make the output water sweat
  • Stage-7 Re-mineralization cartridge add a certain amount of minerals in the purified water to make it healthy for the health
  • Stage-8 the purified water stores in the storage tank capacity 4 gallons.

This is best RO system at best RO price for whole home to live a healthy life.

Benefits of Domestic RO Systems & Semi Commercial RO systems

  • Improve skin and hair health
  • Enable reduce weight
  • RO system removes 95-99% of Total dissolve solvents(TDS) in drinking water
  • Ro Water Filter reduce hardness in water and help to reduce the cost of soap
  • RO Water Filter have dramatically effect on taste of coffee, Tea, and most item made from water
  • RO water filters improves odor, appearance and overall taste of the water
  • Ro water filters effectively reduce the medical bills of whole family
  • Ro water filters enable you to produce your own pure water at home and no need to buy or refills bottles from market which is big hassle to carry bottle.
  • Ro Water Filter reduce the cost of drinking water as compare to market bottle price/month
  • RO Water Filters removes lead, pesticides, Fluoride, Arsenic and much more

3-stage domestic RO Filtration System

Ro filtration system is requirement of every home. The three stage water RO Filtration system & water purifier machine is best system to meet the need of whole home if the TDS is of your home tap water is below 200. The system consist of 3 stages, function of each stage is describe below

Stage 1: Water Filter Poly Propylene Fiber In-depth Sediment filter cartridge is used in the first stage for removal of dust, rust, silt, scale and unseen suspended particles. Filtration rating of 5 micron at this stage holds back most of the suspended particles and a minimum load of sediments is passed to the second stage.

Stage 2: Water Filter CTO cartridge equipped with blocked carbon used in second stage. It filters the water and removes up to 99 % of all the organic impurities like chemicals, chlorine, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and unpleasant taste and odor from drinking and cooking water.

Stage 3: Water Filter Ultra Violet system provides 30,000 MW sec. /cm2 energy to guarantee 100% sterilization and ensure effective control of microbial contamination in the third stage. This sterilization is accomplished by the scrambling DNA structures of the micro-organisms on exposure to ultra violet light which make them sterile. UV Sterilization is accomplished without the use of chlorine or other harsh chemicals & without importing any foreign taste, odor, Corrosive, irritating or allergenic properties to the water. It is regarded as the world’s simplest and most practical means of destroying pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria in water.

Three 3-Stages Water Filter is best solution to purify water at relatively smaller scale. Its utilities are at Home, Office, Educational Institutes, Mosques, Hospitals, Community Center and other public places. The System is also compatible to be installed electric water cooler.


  • The 3-Stage UV Filtration System is the best Water Filter, purifies the tap water up to the standards of drinking water at very economical price.
  • Removes Physical, Chemical and Biological impurities up to 99% and make the water safe for drinking.
  • Stainless Steel tap faucet for life long use.
  • Easy to install and easy to maintain, very low running / maintenance cost.

FAQs of Domestic RO system ad UF system

Q: What are the benefits of Domestic RO system?
A: Reverse Osmosis system are available at best RO price and can remove Pollutants from water including Lead, Pesticides , Fluoride, Anions, Cations, Arsenic and much more. With carbon fitter and RO system can also remove chlorine to improve the taste, odor and appearance of water.
Q: What is difference between Ro system and UF system?
A: UF system with 3 water filters is great choice where the hardness in water is less or TDS is below 200. While RO system best where tap water TDS is towards high side or above 400ppm water is harder.
Q: Can I connect RO system with water dispenser?
A: Yes, RO system can easily be connected with water dispenser and water cooler.
Q: Is to buy bottles from market cheaper than to install RO system at home?
A: Absolutely not, RO system available at best RO price in the market now days and its one- time expense and you can enjoy the pure water at home every time for your home requirement. There is no hazel to pick the bottle and carry heavy bottles filled with water from market to home.
Q: If we change home or flat is it possible to take our RO system with us?
A: Yes, it is very easy to uninstall and reinstall RO at new place.